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Teacher, Trainer, Performer, Educator
Obie award winning Actress, Playwright, and Teaching Artist
Journalist and Author
Co-Founder & CEO
Director of Professional Development
Executive Director
Co-Founder & Global Ambassador
Leader of Educational Partnerships
Culture and Education Editor
Five Keys Charter School
Director, Impact + Operations
Born This Way Foundation
Creator and Executive Director
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Founder and CEO
Master Facilitator and Spiritual Guide
Producer and Director
Twitch Streamer
Director of Marketing and Community Partnerships
Director of Diversity and Belonging
Professor and Author
Culture and Education Editor
Founder and Executive Director
Scholar and Equity Activist
Assistant Director, Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property
Managing Editor
Vice President of Strategy and Innovation
Executive Director
Professor of Mathematics & Statistics
English Language Arts Teacher
Director, Instructional Technology
Distinguished Professor of Education
Chairman and Co-founder
Astronaut, Physician, Engineer
Mayor of Sacramento
Director of the Office of Educational Technology
Professor of Cognitive Science and Linguistics
Co-founder and Chairman
Tahrir Academy
Founder and Digital Librarian
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Founder and Principal
Teacher and Student
Assistant Professor of Engineering
Community Manager
Chief Executive
Co-founder, President
Co-founder, Chief Product Officer
President, Founding CEO
Chief Executive Officer
CEO, Co-founder
Founder, Director, Instructor
Principal Researcher
Founder, Faculty
Teacher, Leader, Writer
Professor of Computer Science
President, Chief Creative Officer
Vice President for Education
South San Francisco High School Sophomore
Social Studies Teacher
South San Francisco High School Freshman
Associate Professor of Languages and Literature
Teacher and Performer
Co-Founder and Chairman
Dean, Art & History; Founder
Dean, Art & History; Founder
LivingRoom conversations.org, MomsRising.org and MoveOn.org
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer
Professor, Author, and Activist
Co-founder and Senior Explorer
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chief Medical Officer
Founder and Executive Director
Deputy Director of the Collaboratory
Executive Director
Founder and Teacher
Managing Director
Co-Founder & Director of Engineering
Director of Business and Strategy
Chief Partnerships Officer